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Self talk? These are all self fulfilling prophecy’s, I can help you tone down or replace your internal speech patterns to ones that are more productive and conducive to whatever outcome you desire. Results are Rapid!

Sports  / Work performance / concentration, Fears, anxiety,  phobias, clarity, Goal setting.

In just one session Grant managed to change my negative mindset into a positive one.

Gary Hyde from Rayleigh

Tel: (+44) 0783 2211 524

You can call me for a FREE 5 min informal chat to see how I can help you.

Typically people come to me for help with:

Sports Performance / Any Sport - I can even model better muscle firing.

Fears & Phobias

Public Speaking


Eating Disorders

Thank you for teaching me this last 5 years. You have installed in me confidence and focus which has helped me in life. I salute your mastery of teaching so many varied personalities. Your tireless efforts and dedication to ensure I succeeded and achieved.  

Steve Miller 2015

Hatton Garden Jeweller

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