Here’s a little bit about me… and why I could be the Best person to help you get the Best results?

“Tigers don’t flock with Sheep” GGuirey2003

Best thing - CALL Mob: (+44) 0783 2211 524

You can also find me at Battlefield Martial Arts UK

Unit 6 rear of 177 - 181 Hornchurch Road, RM124TE


I Live a long way away, but really feel drawn towards you? Perfect, as long as we have a clear Audio connection that’s all I need. I am particularly good at reading tone and speech pattern. Many people rely on facial micro muscle movements but I rarely use these as my vocal sensitivity is so good. If it makes you more comfortable we can always skype.

“Take care of the action, Results take care of themselves” GGuirey2004

How long are sessions?

Sessions are typically over the phone although if you live locally or are willing to travel can be done in the comfort of your own home or at an agreed meeting place for eg.. Local Costa/Starbucks. Sessions are 1 hour in length and because Grant is service orientated any spare time will be used to work on any other issues he can help you with. We operate under the strictest of confidentiality. So Celebrity or not we don't operate on a name the name basis. We do however ask that you give us a review and this can be done anonymously.

Grant Guirey has already led quite a full and varied life despite being just 44 years young. Raising 3 kids with his Wife and Business Partner Dee. Coaching and teaching have always been the main stay career wise.So in brief so far…….

Labouring, Sales/ inc writing sales pitches, Selling Stationary and other varied Formats, Fork Lift truck Instructor, Team coordinator - Writing Training Manuals (SOP’S) - Standard operating Procedures- even Website design incl this one, Martial Arts Coach training multiple UK & G.B Champions for Thai Boxing incl being a G.B Team Assist Coach  and cornering fighters. Known as one of Europe's Best Southern Mantis Kung fu Teachers & Qualified Instructor in 3 Arts and in 2014 Inducted into the M.A.I Martial Arts Hall of Fame for “Lifetime Achievement Award”. Now also a Mind Coach -  utilising many techniques incl Neuro Linguistic Programming learned directly from Richard Bandler & John / Kathleen La Valle.

“I have been through many hardships and always came out stronger”

“Take care of the action, Results take care of themselves”GGuirey2004

I have a strong desire to help you, be your best version of you!

 Inside so do you! I have Great interpersonal skills and an ability to get to the root causes of issues very quickly indeed. Also for emotionally charged issues  we don't need to discuss the issue directly. I just help you to nullify, dull or delete the memory. At the end of the day you tell me what mental change it is you want and I will do my best to help yo get it..

What are the costs involved and how many sessions? £55 per hour

Sometimes even 1 session can be enough, Like riding a bike some people take the benefits sooner than others, We aim to resolve issues within several sessions or more deep rooted issues may take longer. They can also be used to reinforce better life choices and stay upbeat and on top of  life's roller coasters once a month until resolved / your Happy.

We want to help you make the most rapid change possible, for what is right for you.  

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Peak Performance Mind Coaching G.B

“Tigers don’t flock with Sheep” GGuirey2003  (+44)  0783 2211 524

Office hours: Mon- Sat 8am - 8pm